Emma Watson responds to critics who labeled her a hypocrite for her comments on Beyoncé and feminism

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Emma Watson posed partially topless in Vanity Fair Support Stockings. The revealing outfit caused some to question her feminism.

Watson responded, saying feminism is about women having the choice to wear what they want without judgment.

Now, some are calling Watson a hypocrite because she once criticized Beyoncé’s 2014 self-titled album for some of its sexualized content.

Watson just defended herself by sharing her full, unedited, largely supportive comments on Beyoncé.

Actress Emma Watson is at the center of heated debate this week: After posing partially topless in Vanity Fair, Watson has been fighting off two groups of critics.One group said she couldn’t be a feminist if she showed her breasts. The other has accused her of hypocrisy because she seems to have questioned Beyoncé’s feminism in a magazine interview in 2014.

Now, Watson has defended herself by sharing her complete comments on Beyoncé from that interview — and it appears that, with more context, those comments were largely supportive, not derogatory.

The media brouhaha began when Vanity Fair released images of Watson from its newest issue. In one photo, Watson posed semi-topless, wearing a Burberry shrug and nothing underneath. Here’s what it looked like:

Some people criticized Watson, saying that the revealing outfit contradicted her feminist ideals. As one radio presenter tweeted: “Emma Watson: Feminism, feminism … gender wage gap … why oh why am I not taken seriously … feminism … oh Tops & T-Shirts, and here are my t–s!”

Watson responded, arguing that feminism is really about women having the freedom to wear whatever they want. “Feminism is about giving women choice,” Watson told the Telegraph. “Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation Contemporary & Designer, it’s about equality. I really don’t know what my t–s have to do with it. It’s very confusing.”

But the controversy didn’t end there. Soon, people were accusing Watson of hypocrisy because of comments she made about another feminist icon: Beyoncé. In a 2014 interview with Wonderland magazine, Watson aired her thoughts on Beyoncé’s self-titled album in this now widely shared quote.

” As I was watching [the videos] I felt very conflicted,” Watson said. “I felt her message felt very conflicted in the sense that on the one hand she is putting herself in a category of a feminist, but then the camera, it felt very male, such a male voyeuristic experience of her.”

Critics argued that Watson was creating an unjust double standard — that she was accusing Beyoncé of being too sexual but it was just fine for her to pose almost topless.

Now, Watson has taken to Twitter to defend herself yet again. Early Tuesday morning Shoes, she shared a screenshot of the interview with her complete comments on Bey — not just that one quote Accessories.

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